Executive Coaching

Executive coaching ERA LTD

As an Executive coach Elaine Ryan can be retained independently to coach senior managers or management teams for a specified period. Her goal as an executive coach is to focus on both leadership skills as well as personal development.

It comes with the understanding that improving leadership skills and the personal development of executives will ultimately lead to the improvement and success of the organisation.

Executive coaches are typically hired to assist Executives/Senior Managers with setting, tracking and achieving personal improvement goals. These goals are able to improve overall staff motivation, increase productivity, improve communication skills, and so on. Facilitating desired behavior will indirectly result in them achieving their goals and in turn the success of the company.

If you are a budding coach yourself, it will be useful to understand and take a closer look at the main focus of both of the niches and decide which one attracts you the most.

The Benefits of Coaching in Organisations:

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