With new rules on Employment law been enacted regularly, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the Employment legislation. That is why having the specialist at Elaine Ryan & Associates supporting us allows us to concentrate more time and resources on the other core area of the business. Elaine Ryan & Associates walks us through the correct processes step-by-step, protecting us by eliminating any possible threats or exposures. The level of service is exemplary .

Elaine assists and successfully guides us through all HR matters, including Interviews, Inductions, Annual Reviews and Disciplinaries. Elaine always promptly responds when I need assistance.

Elaine was an excellent mentor to me. The support, guidance and attention given to my business, myself and my staff was much appreciated. You made sure I had everything I needed in place and was done so professionally. Thank you for all your hard work and peace of mind. Forever grateful.

Carambola Ltd are using Elaine Ryan’s services on an on-going basis since 2008. Elaine played a key role in establishing company’s procedures and policies in the area of HR and Employment Law. She provides us with daily support in a broad range of topics, such as staff management and discipline, compliance, restructuring and administration, to name a few. Elaine is an excellent personal and business coach, which she regularly practices in Carambola Ltd both when working on company strategies and in individual staff mentoring. Elaine’s services are much more individual and tailored than those of the big HR companies. She does not just drop policies on your desk and expect you to sort it out, she will guide you through the process and assist you in implementation and operation of same. Elaine is working with a number of associates, always making sure she is up to date in all areas and that she provides you with a proper advice. Elaine’s input has been and still is invaluable to us and we cannot imagine running our business without her.

Whatever the size of your business, there is an obligation on us all to be compliant with current HR and workplace regulations. We are an Electrical Contracting business and therefore HR compliance is not something we were familiar with. Elaine Ryan and Associates looks after this side of the business for us from start to finish. We are thrilled with the service that Elaine and her team provide and have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Elaine has provided a first rate service from the very first day we engaged with her. The guidance and advice we receive allows us to feel confident we're approaching any HR issues the right way. We would happily recommend Elaine to any business in need of guidance and advice.

I was so lucky to have discovered Elaine, She is a tremendous asset. Elaine is now with us 4 years since we took over the Nursing Home. Not only was her HR great, she brought insight into staff welfare with her coaching and mentoring which brought security to us. Elaine’s staff training was constantly praised and brought a very personal touch. Her many contacts are a great source of comfort. She got to know staff and residents alike which is rare these days/ With her Involvement we were able to restructure the Nursing Home. We highly recommend Elaine and wish Elaine continued success.