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HR services Elaine Ryan & Associates
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HR services

Not all companies are in a position to hire a full time HR professional or have a HR department.  Therefore, ERA LTD have created an external HR Expertise Support where you can have your contracts, handbooks, NDA’s etc tailored to your business. As well as all guidance that you would receive from a HR professional. We will work in partnership with you to tailor to your needs.

Tailored Contracts of Employment

It’s not a generic Contract of Employment, it’s tailored specifically for every employee in your business. We customise them for you, to make sure you remain legally compliant, this will provide peace of mind.

Disciplinary Recommendations and Processes

This can be stressful and a minefield and process is everything. At ERA LTD we have vast experience in handling disciplinary issues on your behalf, we are by your side or carrying them out on your behalf, we are not just guiding you over the phone. This have proved to be an invaluable support to our clients, we also cross train key management on the go, therefore bringing the expertise inhouse.

ERA has access to a number of trained and experience consultants who work in partnership with them.

HR advice

We are a call away, ERA know what peace of mind is worth and endevours to take the stress and fear out of dealing with issues. ERA provides you with the peace of mind you need to continue with all the other important aspects of your company.

What we offer:

ERA provide you with a free HR audit of your documents and carry out a gap analysis for you. Email